Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I buy tickets ?

Tickets are available from our online box office., you can access the page directly here or you can call our office on 01932 859667.

Tickets are also on General sale at the OVO Arena Wembley;  please note  Venue Box Offices are not able to tell you where each individual school is sitting. If you want to sit with the best view of your schools’ you can select this option on the VIAM online box office.

Can we take photographs or video the event ?

We and the venue operate a strict camera policy for photographs or video.

ALLOWED ; Mobile phones, small compact cameras


NOT ALLOWED; SLR Cameras / long lenses, Video cameras.

How do I find out about the venue, parking, food, etc ?

You can find out everything you need to know on our dedicated page here

Is the event being recorded ?

Yes, We do record each of our events.  The recordings will be available to purchase on our website following the event

DVDs can be ordered in our online store

What time does the show start / finish ?

Doors Open to the audience at 6pm

Show starts at 7-15pm

There is a 30 minute interval

Show ends at 9.45pm (approx)

Can parents and choir meet during the performance or interval.

Unless in the case of emergency, we do not permit parents and children to meet on the concourses during the performance or interval. Choir should be escorted by a teacher or chaperone at all times, when being allowed into the public areas.

How do we collect our children at the end of the show ?

Please note, that at the end of the performance, we ask that the audience remain seated, whilst the children are escorted out of the venue. They will be escorted by their teachers, either to their coaches if they are travelling by coach, or to a designated meeting point . We suggest that schools meeting parents after the event..use their banners to indicate their meeting point location. We allocate various meeting points on Arena Square directly in front of the main entrance. These allocated points will be sent to each school prior to the event. We will also be posting the collection points on the website, under the Parent’s Page.

Can Children come and watch the show; are there any child discounts ?

The venue does not charge for children 2 years and under.

Can our Friends and Parents come and watch the show?

Yes of course.  In our arena events, the capacity is generally around 12,000, and this is taken up by 6,000 choir members and 6,000 audience.  When selecting your audience seats, we do give the option to have the best seat chosen for you, to enable the best possible view of your child or school group.You can buy tickets and view the seating plan, by clicking TICKETS in the main menu above.

Who can Join the Choir ?

Any educational or non-educational school / academy / performance group can register and join our choir.

How are we different from Young Voice Concerts ?

This is a question we are asked all the time.

Young Voice are well established amongst schools; and judging by the amount of arena shows they put on every year, they are an extremely professional company.

When we started Voice in a Million in 2009, we went to watch a couple of Young Voice concerts prior to launching our our first event. We decided having seen theirs, we wanted to do something different, a different experience for both those taking part and the audience.

VIAM (Voice in a Million) carries an underlying message throughout; and that is to primarily use our events as a vehicle to promote Adoption and Fostering. That coupled with the fact that the founders and producers of VIAM have over 50 years experience between them of staging and producing live shows with some of the biggest acts.

We wanted to stage a show, that not only appealed to the parents and family of the choir, but also one that would appeal to the general public.  We also wanted to engage the children taking part more, so we don’t turn the auditorium round as Young Voice do.  We have an end stage, with the choir in the galleries to the sides; and also have a mass choir of selected schools on stage.

Unlike Young Voice, we also nurture the more talented members of the choir and schools, to perform on stage, along with some of our guest performers.

In addition we have 12 cameras running; and feeding our large screen at the back of the stage; and during the performance, most if not all of the youngsters in the mass choir are seen in close up on the big screen.

All of the above, together with over 40 tonnes of sound and lighting, creates our wonderful spectacle.

So yes we are different; and if you have taken your school to a Young Voice’s event and they enjoyed it, then they will love taking part in a VIAM event

Can Individuals Join the Choir or take Part in VIAM ?

Yes, Individuals can join the choir. We recommend that individuals join our stage choir.

What is the VIAM Stage Choir ?


At every one of our Arena Events, the VIAM Stage Choir are the performers that are on stage during the performance. They provide the lead vocals and harmonies for the Mass Choir in the Choir Galleries.

Throughout the performance, individual members of the stage choir coming forward to the Front Row of soloist microphones. The soloists and featured singers on a song can vary from just one voice to up to eleven voices. We try wherever possible to feature everyone from within our stage choir at least once in ‘Soloist\’s Row’.
Some of our Stage Choir are amongst the most talented young singers in the UK, whilst others are just beginners.
Whatever their age or ability (we take youngsters for our stage choir from  7 up to 18 years of age) taking part on stage as one of our Stage Choir at Voice in a Million, The Arena Show, is a truly amazing and unforgettable experience for all of them.
You can Join the stage Choir HERE

What is the Age Limit?

We take choir members as young as six or seven; and some of our choir members are in their mid twenties. 90% of the choir is aged between 7 and 14

Once we have registered, What happens next ?

Once your school has registered, you will be sent login details for our secure ‘School Portal’ now on VIAMTV. This will give you access to all that you need for your school to take part. Use TEACHER LOGIN in the main menu bar.

Generally the school groups rehearse on a regular basis at school; and if you wish, we can arrange for one of our team to come along to the school to run a workshop of all the songs they need to learn.

In advance of the event, we require names of every child taking part, to ensure they are entered correctly into the event programme; We require that all members of your choir (Their Parents or Guardians/ carers) register on VIAMTV. When a school registers to take part, we send that school admin contact; a login for the access; and they can then send out invites to each of their group members to access the online resources. Sending out the invites to join the group, is an easy process, follow the on screen instructions after you have logged in.

On the day of the event, the schools arrive early afternoon, and using the choir tickets provided they gain entry to the arena. This is followed by a full scale rehearsal of the show, for the choir and all the technicians. We try and make this rehearsal as much of the overall experience for the children; as possible.

What are the costs involved ?

    • The Actual Admission to the event for School Choirs is Free
    • There is a £100.00 (plus VAT)  charge (per school group) to cover the cost of all the rehearsal materials necessary, inc licence and copyright fees and VIAMTV Portal access for the entire group.
    • Every Child in the choir requires our Voice in a Million event specific, T Shirt. These cost £14.50 each. T Shirts are compulsory for all choir members
    • A minimum of 10 participants is the requirement for a group taking part. We require a minimum of one chaperone / teacher per 12 children.
    • A member of VIAM staff will respond by email to confirm your booking and the details you have confirmed below.
    • Upon registering an invoice is raised for the  £100.00 plus VAT for the rehearsal pack/ access
    • This secures your group’s place.
    • Please ensure you understand our terms before registering, If in doubt please call the office, or complete a general enquiry form.

Is VIAM a charity ?

No. VIAM is a commercial organisation. We do stage our shows to ‘Raise Awareness’ of children in care; and use VIAM as a platform to encourage others to consider adoption or fostering as a life choice. From time to time, we do allow  relevant charities to fund raise at our events.

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