Voice in a Million

at The OVO Arena, Wembley on the 20th March 2024

Celebrating it’s 15th year in 2024, Voice In A Million presents an opportunity of a lifetime for school children from all backgrounds throughout the UK, to come together united in song and perform in front of their own family and friends in what has been billed as The World’s most spectacular school concert’

Voice in a Million inspires your pupils with an important message that raises awareness of the plight of children in care and the importance of Adoption and Fostering.


” As mum to two wonderful adopted daughters I am humbled by your work on behalf of the thousands of children in the UK in need of a family, Voice in a Million is an inspiration to us all ” …….. Achievement for All

A fantastic and fun learning experience outside the classroom for schoolchildren of all ages. One that is enjoyed by pupils, teachers and parents.


“You saw first-hand how painfully stunted some of our young people are. Immobilised, paralysed by their insignificance. For them to take part and see such role models was inspirational. It was like watching what they should be- confident, beautiful young beings with the world and future in front of them. You let them be part of that.

Please never stop what you do- it is the most worthwhile curriculum I can think of “………………………….Head Teacher…VIAM2019

What is Voice in a Million


At our annual Schools Arena events,  each night involves around 5,000 to 6,000 schoolchildren of all ages, performing a set list of songs as part of the VIAM Choir. The School Choirs are seated on the floor area of the arena. On stage we also have a number of smaller choirs and selected soloists, that together form our stage choir. These sing the lead vocals and additional harmonies for each song in the set list. The contemporary songs are chosen both for their relevance and entertainment value.

There is also an audience of between 5000 and 6,000 parents, relatives and friends, these are seated on either side ofthe arena in the tiered galleries, getting the best view of their school and the spectacle.

Taking Part

The Actual Admission to the event for School Choirs is Free


There is a £100.00 (plus VAT) one-off charge per school group, to cover the cost to access all the rehearsal materials necessary and online workshops inc licence and copyright fees.


Every Child in the choir wears our Voice in a Million Choir T Shirt. These cost £14.50. These are compulsory


Chaperones  & Teachers wear our Voice in a Million Teacher T Shirt. These cost £14.50. These are compulsory

Registered Teachers can log in and access all the rehearsal materials, lyrics and music scores. Teachers can also  access  the necessary documents; Health and Safety, Risk Assessments etc’.


Once your school has registered, you will be sent login details for our secure ‘School Portal’. This will give you access to all that you need for your school to take part. Use TEACHER LOGIN in the main menu bar.

Registered schools will be assigned a point of contact from our team


You can use the message service in the  teachers portal for communicating easily with us, or call 01932 859667 during office hours.  You can also email team@voiceinamillion.com.


We understand the importance of making the entire process easy and least time-consuming for teachers.


Book Your Place

Complete your details on the registration page and send us an approximate number of children taking part from your group.


This number can be adjusted up or down, at any stage.


We generally find that once the group starts rehearsing, the numbers of children wanting to join the group or choir starts increasing.


We also offer the additional option of a group workshop, where one of our team comes along to the school and runs a full rehearsal, as well as talking to the children and teachers about the choir and the event.