THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH for a wonderful day/eve at the O2. All our participating children and staff had a fantastic time, and our supporters including the Head Teacher, were lavish in their praise of a moving and high quality performance.  As a teacher, I would like to thank you for the sensitive and effective way you handled the whole day, especially your expectations of the children’s behaviour, (which made the whole day SO much more enjoyable than similar events I have endured at the O2 with another organisation!).  I also appreciated the effort you made to make every child feel as if their contribution mattered – it would be easy to feel insignificant in such a vast venue, but you made us all feel valued and appreciated!! And congratulations to all your brave soloists, who were, without exception, outstanding, and such amazing role models for their peers. We’ll see you next year, if that’s alright with you!

– Lime Walk School