My heartfelt congratulations to you and Robert for giving us Voice in a Million and the amazing event at Wembley.  As mum to two wonderful adopted daughters I am humbled by your work on behalf of the thousands of children in the UK in need of a family, Voice in a Million is an inspiration to us all……Achievement For All

I just wanted to thank you and say what a fantastic show last night and such an amazing cause. 
The children are so very talented. Harry had an absolutely amazing time with you, starting with his audition through to show. He would love to continue with the stage choir and is keen to get back to rehearsals in May. …..Parent


Stage Choir Parent

It was incredible to perform at such a prestigious venue and we all felt honoured to be taking part. It was an amazing evening. To perform in a 5,000 strong choir was a truly awesome experience, one that the children will never forget.”

Hunsbury Park Primary, Northampton.

Hunsbury Park Primary

Fabulous event and cause.  Super impressed.

Just wanted to thank the whole team for a fabulous evening last night.  This was our first time at this event and I was truly amazed at the slickness of the organisation, the great sense of fun for all and the way the important message was shared.  The power of music has no bounds!
One of my children has always struggled in other areas of learning but for him it was fantastic.  He carried the banner on stage and even though he was given the chance to arrive at school at 11.00 a.m. today, he arrived at 9.00 a.m. and said ‘I just want to learn’ which was quite amazing.
Another one of my children asked if it could be Wembley stadium next year (what do you think?)
Finally, thank you for your patience, answering all the endless questions.   It was outstanding event and we will be back at Wembley Arena next year I’m sure.
Everton Lower School
Thank you for this wonderful event, the pupils had a great time and an amazing experience. It was a really spectacular event. Long may it continue.
The Parker E Act Academy
WOW! VIAM 2014 was a spectacularly amazing event, thank you thank you for creating the opportunity for so many gifted children to stand in their own light and shine beautifully bright.  It was a true JOY to behold.  The whole experience took Teddy’s breath away, he enjoyed every precious moment,  he said it was the most incredible experience of his life.
I can’t begin to imagine the hours and hard work that go into producing such an event by Team VIAM – you are truly inspirational and touching many lives in many ways.  Thank you for giving this wonderFULL gift to so many.
As a result of the event I learned much bout adoption that I didn’t know and I have been actively raising awareness of this to…..well….. anyone that listens!
I have to say that the event was better than ever as a concert and much easier to get in this year! I do think that having Matt was a coup and a half! The musicians on stage were brilliant and some made staff just go WOW! Well done and keep it going. Will look at nmext year again. I know that you were later starting rehearsals and that was the only negative, the rest of the event was absolutely amazing and the kids and ourselves loved it! You should be very proud. 
Iain McIntyre
John Of Gaunt School

Well what can I say – thank you for such an amazing event and experience last Wednesday! We had amazing seats in block S6 down near the front to the right of the stage – thank you! It made our very long journey (16 hours) down South very very very worthwhile!

The kids and all our staff enjoyed VIAM2014 very very much! Thank you for sitting us next to Julie’s choir from Belmont House too it was great! …we are putting on a post VIAM concert on the 3rd of April up here in Kinlochbervie and hope to start raising some more funds to help support possibly attending next year again!.….Music Teacher, Kinlochbervie High School

Kinlochbervie School

We participated in VIAM last year, when our sister school (who already registered), told us about it. Loved it last year (the kids and staff chaperones as well as staff and parents that came to the actual show), so we made sure we signed up for VIAM next year! – Goldbeaters Primary School

Goldbeaters Primary School

We attended the concert for the first time! AMAZING! We would love to come again.
– St Barnabas’ CE Primary School (Kent)

St Barnabas CE Primary School

What a fabulous experience the night was! Thank you so much for having us and giving us all such a great opportunity
– Stagechoir

VIAM Stage Choir Members

Congratulations on an amazing event, it was truly spectacular!
– Boundary Oak School (Fareham)

Boundary Oak School

Just a quick note to say a massive thank you for a great night last night! The talent that the soloists have is amazing and I admit, I did cry in places! Their voices were truly beautiful and sent a shiver down your back when you think of the words that they are singing. It was so lovely to spot my daughter with her school (Caterham) and watch them all swaying with their arms around each other and singing at the top of the voices. She sent me a text after the show finished which said “I’m glad I have you and Dad – love you!” which set me off again but I do think it has made a lot of the children realise how lucky they are and also all about adoption. It was a wonderful night and I will be singing “Oh Happy Day” for some time now! Thank you to the whole team for all your hard work and we all look forward to the next concert.
– (Parent) – Caterham School


Thank you so much for a very enjoyable evening. Students at ATA had a lovely time and the event was a wonderful occasion. It has pressed people at school to consider helping young people who are adopted and need a loving home and to spread the awareness of it. Thanks again!
– Ashcroft Academy (London)

Ashcroft Academy

I would just like to say thank you for the fantastic and moving performance given last night, everybody put their heart and soul into singing. .  A special thanks to all the organisers who made this a very special night. My daughter was proud to be part of it.
– (Parent) Sunbury-on- Thames


Many thanks for the experience; the kids loved the concert and the chance to be at the 02
– Caterham School

Caterham School

We wanted to thank you on behalf of all of our children for a fantastic day. The impact of participating in such an event is immeasurable in terms of experience and setting high aspirations.
– St Peter’s School Choir (Leatherhead)

St Peters School, Leatherhead

We have had some wonderful comments from children and parents on a brilliant day yesterday! The children thoroughly enjoyed it and the parents thought it was a fabulous event.  Thank you so much for the opportunity for our school to be a part of Voice in a Million!  Congratulations also to you and the team for all the organisation.
– Coworth Flexlands School

Coworth Flexlands

I’d like to pass on a huge thank you from the staff and all the kids who came. The kids were totally buzzing and excited almost all the way home to Norfolk. Even in school today a couple of them came up to me thanking me for taking them. We’d love to come again next time. Again, a massive thank you and congratulations on a very successful, fun and quite emotional night! Well done to everyone involved!
– Reepham High School and College (Norfolk)

Reepham High Scool

Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing experience yesterday.  Our children had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed it.  We have had fantastic feedback from parents of the children that took part! The organisation was fantastic!
– Thames Ditton Infant School (Surrey)

Thames Ditton Infants

We would like to say how much we all enjoyed the concert! The children were buzzing afterwards and it was a real experience for them all! We have had many compliments from parents who really loved watching their children take part. The singers were amazing and the atmosphere was fantastic, it was a real success!
– Maple Primary School (Herts.)

Maple Primary School

We are now back in Glasgow after our very exciting trip to London.  The event was tremendous.  Our kids are asking- are we coming next year miss! We have 2 adopted kids in the choir and they loved it and felt very special afterwards.   Well done in such a well organised fabulous event.
– Belmont School (Glasgow)

Belmont School

The children had the most fantastic time they have ever had.  They were all still full of excitement today when they arrived at school.  I think you all did a stunning job and what a number of children to cope with – a super time was had by all and your team were extremely helpful.  We would certainly do it all again.
– St Saviour’s Junior School.

St Saviours Junior School