You do not have to be part of a school choir to participate in Voice in a Million.

Maybe you belong to a youth organisation or wish to participate with a group of friends. We also welcome  performance academies. The most important thing to us is that you enjoy taking part.

We also welcome those children that want to audition for featured or solo parts in the events.  Details of auditions.

Any group that wishes to participate, must be accompanied by a licensed chaperone. If your group does not have one of these (minimum requirement one licensed chaperone per 10 children) Voice in a Million can provide one for a small fee.  Call the office on 01932 561316 to find out if you need one of these or if you have any questions regarding chaperones before registering.

If you wish to become one of our VIAM Chaperones and are willing to give up a couple of hours of your time to attend your local council Chaperone’s course to obtain a licence, we can assist you in the process.

email and ask us for full details.

To register your group, click HERE