V8 Recording Session – Day One

Members of V8, the core vocal group and the ‘engine room’ behind the Voice in a Million Choir visited the VIAM Studios today. Check out some of the photographs from today’s recording session by visiting the Official V8 Facebook page: www.facebook.com/V8Official As many of you lovely readers know, the Choir have a number of high…

Why we have a Fee for Auditions

Many have asked why we charge a fee to audition. The fact is that we don’t charge to audition, we charge to become a member of this site and to have access to download all of the tracks and lyrics. Every time one of those tracks is downloaded, we have to pay copyright to the songwriter or copyright owner.

Auditions Now Open

Auditions are now finally open for anyone wishing to try out for Wembley or one of our Regional shows; and applications are also now being accepted if you think you have what it takes to join V8. Auditions for Wembley will be kicking off at the LG Arena event in October, where we will have…

Hunt for V8 #8

So today we officially start our hunt to fill the spot for the eighth member of V8. Not an easy task and Lorna’s place will be hard to fill. We have already had enquiries via this site, asking how to apply; and we have decided to set a number of auditions.