25,000 shares passed

Tiffany and Alesi have been battling head to head for the past week or more.. Tiffany is currently in the lead with an amazing 26,700 shares, with Alesi biting at her heels with a not insignificant 23,500. A long way to go yet, and new artists entering the arena every day… (we seem to be…

Update on the Competition Battle

Chloe moves into the lead. !! Looks like we have a battle going on to win this month’s competition.  Euphoria Girls were steaming ahead with nearly 3,000 views (1200 in the last day alone) and 140 shares but new contestant Chloe Wealleans Watts (you may remember her as one of our young divas at Wembley)…


Currently in the lead to win a day in the studio with a record producer Euphoria Girls, 1866 2,540  Views. 69 Likes and  71 101 Shares Followed By; Saskia Eng, 273 Views. 34 Likes and  11 Shares Gayatri Nair, 1,690 Views. 37 Likes and  1 Share


VIAMTV seems to be attraacting some promising viewing figures.  910 people have viewed Euphoria Girls this week; and they are currently in the lead for this months competition with 31 shares. Runner up is currently Sakia Eng; and Gayatri Nair has recveived over 600 views this week. If you want to win a day in…

VIAM – Let Me Entertain You

V8, The VIAM Stage Choir and 5,000 youngsters in the Voice in a Million Choir performing the Robbie Williams classic Showstopper,  ‘Let Me Entertain You’. And they did  ….   So Crank up the volume and if you like this..you will love the DVD. [jwplayer mediaid=”11378″]

Our Young Divas

Five young divas from Voice in a Million, performing the Whitney Houston classic – Run To You,   One of these youngsters has performed a duet with Whitney live on stage at the O2 in Dublin. c   [youtube id=”dx9b_4IVUSM” width=”620″ height=”360]

Wembley 2013 on DVD

Many people have asked us whether or not we were producing a DVD of our Wembley Arena Spectacle on the 12th March. 8 HD Cameras recorded the entire concert live. Hopefully this will ensure we manage to capture everyone taking part. [button color=”red” link=”http://www.rockondigital.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=51_36&product_id=320 “]Buy The DVD Here[/button] [button color=” blue” link=”https://voiceinamillion.com/wordpress/category/videos/   “]View Videos From…